Saturday, June 16, 2007

My dreamy coming out design

One recent restless night, I developed a new National Coming Out Day design in a dream! Seriously. It wasn't some odd dream about working. I took a tame idea I was considering and reworked the layout, colors, and text, including custom "ncod" letters. I sketched it all on the nearest piece of paper when I woke, lest the dream dissolve in my oatmeal and take the design with it.

NCOD 2007 is the happy result! Two Pride colors per letter are gorgeous, less rainbow-y, and the date in its black triangles has a suave rhythm: OCTOBER ELEVEN, TWO THOUSAND SEVEN.

I did ask my partner whether he had odd dreams that same night (before describing my own). He dreamed he tried to wake me and I kept replying, "No, not now. I have to work on this design." I kid you not.

About National Coming Out Day

On October 11, 1987, the March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights drew hundreds of thousands of people. As a result, a national celebration of coming out was established on the anniversary of the march. Today, the Human Rights Campaign promotes honesty and openness about being gay, lesbian, bi, or trans in its National Coming Out Project, culminating every October 11 in National Coming Out Day.

Whether coming out to yourself or to others as gay, queer, lesbian, bi, trans, or even as a straight ally, it's a victory worth celebrating and commemorating. Visit for information about coming out, including coming out as a straight ally.

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