Monday, September 29, 2008

Give me something DEAD to eat

Trick or Treat Rhyme
Trick or Treat Rhyme @ CafePress, Zazzle,
and Printfection

My entire Hallowe'en rhyme, presented in this design of gritty blackletter text, reads:

Trick or treat, Lift my sheet
Give me something DEAD to eat
chomp-chomp, chomp-chomp

It tickles my mischievous side for multiple reasons.

Lift my sheet. It's a true story about identical twin boys I'll call Angel and Awful. One Hallowe'en, Awful suggested they go trick-or-treating as bedsheet ghosts. And, he continued, because no one could see under their sheets, they should go without clothes. Angel guardedly agreed and went bare, but this was one of Awful's pranks. He flipped up Angel's sheet in full view of the neighborhood; however, quick-witted Angel yelled "Angel!" at the fleeing Awful. When their parents heard about what happened, it was Awful who got in trouble for going naked. Pranks can backfire! :-P

Something DEAD to eat. This sounds icky in the context of horror movie gore and trick-or-treat swag. Actually, it just refers to my claim that I will try almost any kind of food as long as it doesn't move when I eat it. "What about jello?" our children ask. That doesn't move by itself, I answer. It's not like a block of Jello sits on your plate, sides bulging in and out as it breathes. No living food for me!

Chomp-chomp, chomp-chomp, chomp! My namesake's mother breastfed the triplets. That's all I'm prepared to say about that!

The whole trick-or-treat thang. Whether you call it guising, begging, or trick-or-treating, people have donned unusual clothes to gather handouts on the autumn equinox, October 31, November 1, and even on Thanksgiving. I just think that All Hallows' Eve is an excellent occasion for fun costumes, other wacky creativity, and harmless (I repeat, harmless) mischief. Of course, Hallowe'en at JamieCo Design would be incomplete if I failed to mention the rest of my designs. Here they are:

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Get yer 'ween on, Punkin!
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Stone Ground
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