Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Christmas with a twist

Merry Christmas, Mr. Starchy Miser!

'Tis the season. Between all the hall decking and gay apparel donning, it's natural to feel a little humbuggy. Here's a humorous holiday greeting to lighten the heart of your favorite Scrooges.

Psst. The abstract stained glass background of this original design from JamieCo Design is a map that reveals the two phrases are anagrams of each other. Jamie loves his anagrams, yes he do.

More anagrams of Merry Christmas

carry mirth mess
crams riser myth
crass myrrh item
criers arm myths
harm stirs mercy
it screams myrrh
marry rich stems
misers try charm
Miss Cherry Mart
Miss Retry Charm
Mr. Arch My Sister
Mr. Creamy Shirts
Mr. I Marry Chests
Mr. Misty Crasher
Mr. Mystic Rasher
Mr. Racist Rhymes
Mr. Retry A Schism
Mr. Scary Hermits
Mr. Starry Chimes
Mrs. Carries Myth
Mrs. Carry Theism
Mrs. Hysteric Arm
Mrs. Marry Ethics
Mrs. Misery Chart
Mrs. Misty Archer
Mrs. Racy Hermits
Mrs. Richest Army
Mrs. Trashy Crime
Ms. Marry Richest
Ms. Martyr Riches
Ms. Myth Carriers
my chasm stirrer
riser scram myth
stir my charmers
stirs my marcher
trim crass rhyme
trims my archers
try crime's harms
try me charms, sir

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