Thursday, January 25, 2007

My broken anti-Valentine

'All My Love' Broken Heart long sleeve dark t-shirt
'All My Love' Broken Heart button

JamieCo Design presents the perfect anti-Valentine for the broken-hearted. On the shattered pieces of a candy heart the message can still be read... ALL MY LOVE.

Candy message hearts. They're a hallmark of the force fed season of extracting gifts for professions of affection. This illustrated lump of tasteless sugar has been crushed by mocking Cupid's boot heel... if Cupid wore boots, that is.

I figure that true romantics don't need to succumb to the commercial trappings of simultaneously-scheduled affection. It's actually kind of creepy. I have far more interesting things in mind for my partner. In the meantime, join me in a poking a little fun at Valentines Day.  :D

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