Friday, January 26, 2007

Pop art Pride

Some ideas "grab you by the boo-boo" and just don't let go! Last weekend I was chatting with one of our teens when he found a VOTE design in the style of Robert Indiana's pop art LOVE and suggested a similar design of the letters GLBT. I suspect that he found my enthusiasm for the idea a little embarrassing but like I said, some things just grab your attention.

The results are refreshingly different. Lesbian, gay, bi, and trans—we are each more than an abbreviation and colored stripes. Ditto my eight new Pride designs. Each letter is defined as much by its relation to the entire design as its own identity. The whole is big and bold.

Come be part of the art at JamieCo Design!

LGBT Hot PopLGBT Tropo PopGLBT Red PopGLBT BlackWhite Pop
LGBT Hot Pop LGBT Tropo Pop GLBT Red Pop GLBT BlackWhite Pop
LGBT BlackWhite Pop LGBT Red Pop GLBT Tropo Pop GLBT Hot Pop
LGBT BlackWhite PopLGBT Red PopGLBT Tropo PopGLBT Hot Pop

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