Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Why not Tri Knots?

Pink  •  Arboreal  •  Charcoal  •  Rustic  •  Serene  •  Sunny  •  Blackwork

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Pink Triangle Knot Aboreal Triangle Knot Charcoal Triangle Knot Rustic Triangle Knot Serene Triangle Knot Sunny Triangle Knot Blackwork Triangle Knot

Rustic Triangle Knot MagnetThis triangle knotwork design turned out so nicely that I couldn't just produce it with one color scheme. These are the seven best.

Each one has multiple personalities. Large individual knots on shirts feel tribal. As a repeating pattern, the band across cards and mugs is strikingly floral. Other sizes on buttons, tiles, et cetera stand out beautifully against coordinating background colors.

Enjoy a leisurely tour of my Triangle Knots. The designs can be indistinct on small product images, so each section includes a detail view of the knot. You can also find larger views of items on their individual product pages.

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