Saturday, April 14, 2007

Bleeding Heart: the flower, not the liberal

Bleeding Heart is an original Art Nouveau style design. It began as an idea for my contribution to a gift exchange last December. The plant was popular in Victorian England, but it is curiously absent from the Art Nouveau floral patterns I have seen. Happily, having some skill in graphic design means I can create what I can't find!

Also known as Lady in the Bath, Lady's Locket, Lyre Flower, and Venus's Car, this lovely perennial originated in northern China. Various sources claim that its blooms represent elegance, fidelity, or 'fly with me' in the Language of Flowers. Be that as it may, graceful pink arcs of Dicentra Spectabilis blossoms are a sure sign of spring and a nostalgic reminder of our mothers' flower gardens.

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