Monday, April 02, 2007

We're being framed

Yes, it's true. JamieCo Design is being framed... and matted and glazed at ImageKind!

The opportunity to branch out into posters and framed prints was too good to pass up. Even knowing that the right frame and mat can engage you in a way that even the best artwork cannot alone, I'm blown away by how Triumph looks with the mat and frame shown here.

You can choose the size, mat, and frame that suit you best. ImageKind offers more than five million museum quality mat and frame combinations!

My Ally, LGBT, and GLBT pop art designs are also available in the JamieCo Design LGBT gallery. These are the first—but certainly not the last—that I plan to offer there. Some of the possible designs have only been published as Mac OS X icons at warrior~poet, so check back here for the latest news!

Save money! Get 20% off framing at ImageKind. Use checkout code Spring. This offer expires April 30, 2007.

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