Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ready to get yer 'ween on?

Get yer 'ween on, Punkin!
The original design
Last year, one of our children exclaimed "Get yer 'ween on, Punkin!" amid peals of laughter and inspired the design at right, which features the mirthful face of a jack o'lantern, shell invisible in the night. It looks great on black and dark colored shirts.

And now, here's a version for white/light shirts that puts the face in stylized rips (below). You can look at it so many ways... tribal, framed in black flames, dripping darkness... One friend even sees it as evil clown makeup and a green fright wig. I'm tickled to death by the faintly sinister—but oh, so cheerful—feel.

Get yer 'ween on, Punkin!
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I've found, too, that "ween" is an old word meaning think, surmise, or imagine. Nice coincidence. So, unlimber your imagination while the world plods on, strike the first sparks of Hallowe'en creativity, and "Get yer 'ween on, Punkin!"

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