Thursday, August 02, 2007

Seven. Hundred. Twenty-four. Cards.

Greeting Cards
(5" x 7")
Single cards
10 packs
20 packs

Note Cards
(4.25" x 5.5")
10 packs
20 packs

It's now been two weeks and two days since CafePress made new cards available. I used to spend hours browsing odd little shops for interesting blank cards, so being able to bring my own creative work to you on more greeting cards and note cards is really kind of exciting.

It has taken a solid couple of weeks, but I'm pleased to say that I have finished working my way through all of JamieCo Design and added 724 greeting cards, note cards, and postcards. These are a few of the new note cards. Click any of them to jump to that section of the shop.

National Coming Out Day
Awareness Ribbons

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