Monday, February 11, 2008

Color brings life to life

JamieCo Design shirt colors at
JamieCo Design shirt colors at
Note: Not all shirts are available in all colors.

Fashion Gone WildeTrick or Treat Rhyme
Terp ThisMore Hunky Than DoryLucky Friday the 13th
Viewer Discretion Advised

For hundreds, even thousands of years, people have known that colors affect our emotions. While associations vary among cultures, color and mood are always connected. It suggests that the opposite effect is also true: that is, color preferences are influenced by our feelings.

Now, finding that the shirt you want to buy doesn't come in your color is disappointing, so I watch for places to offer my work on more colors of more things. That's why I'm adding my text messages to JamieCo Design at PF has a boatload of shirt colors that play very nicely with my (admittedly) oddball sense of humor, including:

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