Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fanning sparks of LGBT visibility

Earlier this year, I sold a shirt with one of my LGBT-related designs to someone in a country so notorious for its brutal treatment of lesbians and gays that at first I had doubts about the order. It could be genuine, but I would have guessed that access to sites like JamieCo Design is blocked there. My spirits were buoyed more than usual when the sale did go through... the customer could be at risk by making an LGBT-positive statement and is doing so with one of my designs. Very heady stuff.

So far this month, the same person has placed two more orders for shirts of other, similar designs! The choices even suggest purchases for multiple people. I admit that I have little to go on but even so, I'm positively giddy with pride - a feeling of gratification arising from association with something good or laudable - at the idea of my designs helping to fan sparks of LGBT visibility in darker regions of the world.

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