Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Two Obama designs for LGBT voters

The text "Obama 08 - A vote you can be proud of" surrounds a circle of rounded triangles in light Rainbow Pride colors.

A vote you can be proud of - Obama 08
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Beneath "Vote with Pride", spaces between Rainbow Pride colored shapes spell OBAMA.

Shop for Vote with Pride - OBAMA
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For the first time, I am looking forward to casting my vote for President of the United States. I'm reasonably certain I have voted in every presidential election since reaching 18, but I couldn't swear to it. Honestly, it's always been a matter of reluctantly voting for the candidate who seemed likely to do the least damage to my life. That hardly makes one proud of voting, but abstaining doesn't change things for the better.

Any one of the issues now facing our country is enough to overshadow LGBT rights, but we still need them. For once we also have a candidate with the spine to publicly support LGBT people having full and equal rights as U.S. citizens. This year I will take pride in voting for Barack Obama, and I'm pleased to share that in my two newest designs (above) at JamieCo Design.

Barack Obama's positions on LGBT issues *

  • Hate Crimes. Supports the inclusive Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act to protect the entire GLBT community against bias-motivated violence.
  • ENDA. Supports the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, including protection based on gender identity.
  • DADT. Strongly supports repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" banning the service of openly gay and lesbian people.
  • Relationship Recognition. Supports equal benefits for same-sex couples at every level of government.
  • HIV/AIDS. Supports a fully funded Ryan White CARE Act and access for early treatment of HIV under Medicaid (ETHA). Supports comprehensive sex education aimed at preventing disease.
  • Adoption. Supports the right of same-sex couples to adopt.
  • Judges. Opposed President Bush's anti-GLBT judicial nominees and has pledged to appoint fair-minded judges to the Supreme Court and the federal bench.
  • Immigration. Supports the Uniting American Families Act, which would allow an American citizen to petition for immigration sponsorship for a same-sex partner.
  • Constitutional Amendments. Opposes all divisive and discriminatory constitutional amendments, state or federal, including the proposed amendments In California and Florida.

* From the LGBTforObama.com issue comparison report.

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